Florida is on the frontlines of every civil liberties challenge facing our nation today. At the ACLU of Florida, we are ready to face it. 

We can build a broad and inclusive movement for civil liberties for years to come in Florida.

Across America, civil liberties are under attack today in a way that is truly unprecedented. Florida is no outlier. Whether the issue is voting rights, criminal justice reform, immigrants’ rights, reproductive freedom, LGBTQ+ equality, or privacy — Florida is on the frontlines. While the challenges may seem never ending, being at the center of these fights gives Floridians’ an outsized influence over the civil liberties direction of our country. By working together to defend freedom in Florida, we can move our nation to realize our true vision for equity and justice.

Working with advocates, volunteers, supporters and partners across the state, we can make advances and secure victories for criminal justice reform, immigrants’ rights, and voting rights, through the use of a focused integrated advocacy model. We are deeply committed to working alongside communities that are on the frontlines of addressing the most pressing civil rights issues in our state to make Florida a more equitable and just place.