The ACLU of Florida receives thousands of requests for assistance every year. Because our staff time is dedicated to transforming the state of civil rights and civil liberties in Florida through our programmatic work, we are unable to respond to the vast majority of requests for assistance. If you are seeking legal assistance, we encourage you to review the ACLU of Florida’s Suggested Assistance Contact List for information on how to get legal help. (For Spanish, click here. A Kreyol version is coming soon.) If you file a request for assistance, it is important that you immediately also seek legal assistance elsewhere.

In general, we do not handle cases that involve evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, general disputes between employees and employers (for example, disputes centering on wages and hours), criminal prosecutions, divorce, child custody, or wills.

We do not provide emergency services. All requests for legal assistance must be submitted in writing. We do not do in-person interviews, nor do we accept walk-ins or phone calls regarding legal help.

If you are seeking help from the ACLU of Florida and wish to fill out an online complaint form, please click here.

If you are seeking assistance for a problem that occurred in another state, please click here for a national directory of ACLU offices.