The ACLU of Florida staff is dedicated to the protection of our guaranteed Constitutional rights. Their work ensures that the ACLU of Florida can effectively carry out its mission. They are assisted by the efforts and dedication of a significant number of passionate interns and volunteers, and financially supported by thousands of ACLU members throughout the state.

Executive Department

Micah W. Kubic - Executive Director

Fatima A. Cuevas - Deputy Director for Operations

Joyce Hamilton-Henry - Director of Statewide Initiatives

Sabrina Williams - Executive Assistant

Rose Evans - HR Equity & Inclusion Manager

Communications Department 

Casey Bruce-White - Director of Communications

Gaby Guadalupe - Deputy Communications Director, Media Strategy

Zuri Davis - Communications Strategist, Criminal Justice Reform

Joey Francilus - Digital Media Associate

Jennifer Garrett - Media Strategist

Natalie Kopke - Digital Multimedia Strategist

John Lantigua - Investigative Writer

Daniel Oliveras de Ita - Digital Storyteller

Luis Sorto - Communications Strategist, Immigrants' Rights

Development Department

Amy Turkel - Director of Philanthropy

Nikki Cox - Deputy Director of Philanthropy

Jordan Alvarez - Major Gifts Officer

Anna Kuhlman - Major Gifts Officer

Jessica Throop - Grant Writer

Field Department

Natishia Y. June - Field Director

Emily Brzozowski - Database Manager

Sam Coodley - Statewide Voting Rights Organizer

Sam Delgado - Statewide Voting Rights Organizer

Katherine Perriel - Statewide Organizer for Criminal Justice

Krsha Sendon - Statewide Immigrant Rights Organizer

Finance and Administration Deparment 

Gary Sample - Chief Financial Officer

Maggie Block - Deputy Director of Finance

Ana Smith - Office Manager

Michael Sola - Payroll Specialist

Legal Department 

Daniel Tilley - Legal Director

Jackie Azis - Staff Attorney

Katie Blankenship - Staff Attorney

Jerry Edwards - Staff Attorney

Amien Kacou - Staff Attorney

Benjamin Stevenson - Staff Attorney

Nick Warren - Staff Attorney

Layssa Zamora - Legal Program Manager and Paralegal

Policy and Advocacy

Kirk Bailey - Political Director

Sara Latshaw - Deputy Political Director 

Kara Gross - Legislative Director and Senior Policy Counsel

Silvana Caldera - Immigrants' Rights Policy Strategist

Neisha-Rose Hines - Policy Strategist, Criminal Justice

Michelle Morton - Research Coordinator and Policy Counsel

Abdelilah Skhir - Voting Rights Policy Strategist

Alexis Yohros - Research and Data Analyst