Executive Committee

President – Rosemary Wilder

This is Rosemary Wilder's second period of service on the ACLU of Florida Board. Previously, she served as Vice-President of the State Board for two terms, as well as chairing the Rights Restoration Committee, the Pub. Ed. Committee, the By-laws Committee, and serving on the Development Committee, the Legal Panel, and the Investment Committee. Over the past two years, she has served on the Pub. Ed. Committee, the Restructure Task Force, and the Chair of the Nominating Committee. As an appellate attorney, she finds all issues related to the First Amendment near and dear to her heart.
The preservation of civil rights, especially in these times, has fallen upon the ACLU, almost exclusively. She has worked very hard with other board members to modernize and update the State Board.

Vice President – Michael Barfield

Michael Barfield is a paralegal consultant focusing in the areas of civil rights litigation and the enforcement of open government laws. He is an expert on Florida’s Public Records Act and Sunshine Law. He currently chairs the Legal Panel of the Sarasota-Manatee-Desoto Chapter and has served on the state Board and the statewide Legal Panel since 2007. He is a life member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and received the President’s Extra Mile award in 2008 for work related to indigent criminal defense.

National Board Representative – Lorie Fridell

Lorie Fridell was elected to the Board and to the position of Secretary in February 2006.  Dr. Fridell is a criminology professor at University of South Florida in Tampa.  Her major research area is law enforcement; she is a national expert on both police use of force and racially biased policing. In the late 1980s and early 1990s she was the volunteer chair of the ACLU's Tallahassee Chapter, and also served as the state board secretary during those years.  She then moved to Washington, D.C. for six years, returning to Florida in 2005.  She has provided valuable advice to the board regarding the issue of non-lethal weapons such as Tasers.

Treasurer - Martin Novoa

Martin Novoa is the Treasurer of the ACLU of Florida and chairs the state Audit and Budget Committee. Martin has worked for 20 years in consumer marketing and investment banking. He began his career as an Auditor for the Government Accountability Office (GAO), then worked for Johnson & Johnson and on Wall Street in Corporate Finance with EF Hutton. At JP Morgan Chase he was second in charge of the NY Mergers and Acquisitions office, then worked in the White House Office of Economic Policy. He then became the Vice President in Global Banking for Bank of America in San Francisco. Martin has served on numerous boards of GLBT organizations and has a decades-long interest in and volunteer service history in civil and constitutional rights. He holds a BBA in Finance and Marketing from the College of William & Mary, where he also attended law school, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Secretary – Andrew Swain

Andrew Swain is a recent graduate of New College of Florida in Sarasota, Florida. He wrote his senior thesis on the history of the Fourth Amendment as applied to communications privacy. Andrew is particularly interested in electronic communications privacy and the reform of the criminal justice system. He plans to remain active with the ACLU of Florida for as long as the political environment of this state needs a strong civil liberties organization.

Chair of the Development Committee – Michael Berman

Chair of the Legal Panel – JoNel Newman

Affiliate Affirmative Action Officer – Eric Smaw

Dr. Eric Smaw is a professor of philosophy at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.  He received his Ph.D in philosophy of law and political philosophy from the University of Kentucky in 2006, after which he pursued Post-Doctorial studies in international human rights at the University of Massachusetts.  Currently, Dr. Smaw works as a Professor of Philosophy at Rollins College.  His areas of expertise are philosophy of law, international law, human rights, political philosophy, ethics, and modern philosophy.  He has published articles on critical race theory, human rights, terrorism, international law, and cosmopolitanism.  Among his most recent publications are: “God Intoxicated Men and the Making of Heroes and Villains,” under review that the Journal for Social Philosophy; “Reparations as a way of Escaping America’s Oppression Labyrinth?,” under review at the Journal for African-American Studies; “A Review of Henry Ford’s War on Jews and the Battle against Hate Speech,” in Agricultural History, 2015; “International Law” in the Encyclopedia of Global Justice, 2012; “Crimes of War” in the Encyclopedia of Global Justice, 2012; Swaying in the Balance: Civil Liberties, Terrorism, and Justice in Times of Emergency” in the Journal for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, vol. 97, num 1, May 2011; “From Chaos to Contractarianism: Hobbes, Pojman, and the Case for World Government” in Essays in Philosophy, vol. 9, num. 2, June 2008; and “An Analysis of the Philosophy of Universal Human Rights: Hobbes, Locke, and Ignatieff” in the International Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 48, num. 189, March 2008.

Nominating Committee Chair - Ann Regan

After graduating from the University of Florida and Stanford University School of Law, Ann began her career in 1973 as a prosecutor in Lake County, IL, where she became Chief of the Criminal Division of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.   After 7 years as a prosecutor, she joined the 170 member Chicago law firm of Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon, now, Edwards Wildman Palmer, as a litigator and became a partner a few years later.  After almost 20 years practicing law, Ann changed careers and graduated from the University of Chicago Booth School Of Business with an M.B.A in 1994.  She then joined the investment management firm, Harris Associates L.P., and assumed the position of Director of Mutual Fund Operations for its $30 billion mutual fund complex called the Oakmark Funds.  In 2004, when the SEC mandated mutual fund compliance programs, Ann became the Funds’ Chief Compliance Officer and designed and directed the Funds’ first compliance program.   Ann retired from Harris Associates in 2006 and now is active in the Pensacola community.  She is president of the Pensacola Women’s Alliance and is on the board of the non-profit organization Appetite for Life.

Regional Representative (Northeast) - Matt Spohrer


ACLU of Florida Board of Directors

  • Ray Arsenault
  • Jeanne Baker
  • Doug Ball
  • Michael Barfield
  • Tom Baxter
  • Jennifer Beltz
  • James Benjamin
  • Michael Berman
  • Javier Betancourt
  • Jeff Borg
  • Chris Brochyus
  • Kathryn Casello
  • Dan Cook
  • Roger Craver
  • Christopher Curtis
  • Lorie Fridell
  • George Griffin
  • Veverly Gary Hamilton
  • Michele McCoy
  • Teisha McKoy
  • Michael Meyers
  • Jennifer Morley
  • JoNel Newman
  • Susan Nilon
  • Martin Novoa
  • Mike Pheneger
  • Ann Regan
  • Mark Schneider
  • Eric Smaw
  • Arthur Stern
  • Gina Versace
  • Grissim Walker
  • Rosemary Wilder
  • Mia Chel P. Woullard

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