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ACLU of Florida Media Office, 363-2717

May 30, 2020

Earlier today, protesters gathered in Miami to protest the death of George Floyd, Tony McDade and countless other Black people at the hands of police. Over the time of the protests, video emerged of attacks on protesters at the hands of law enforcement. 

The ACLU of Florida released the following statement:

“The terror Black people face in this country must end. Protesters took to the streets all across our country and in Florida today to demand an end to anti-Black oppression in the wake of so many injustices and the continued murder, dehumanization and brutalization of Black people in America. George Floyd should be alive. Tony McDade should be alive. Breonna Taylor should be alive. The list of Black people who have been murdered by police is too long for people to ignore the institutionalized racism in our country, and it must end today. 

Too often police have responded with provocation and violence. Today, protesters are being attacked on our streets by City of Miami police. The president has called for violence against protesters. This state-sponsored terror must end. 

We call on Mayor Suarez to end these attacks on protesters by the police, de-escalate immediately, and respect the rights of Floridians to protest and demand justice.”