September 29, 2022

MIAMI — Hurricane Ian, which made landfall in Southwest Florida on Wednesday as a category four hurricane, wreaked havoc across the state of Florida. 

A note from Tiffani Lennon, executive director, ACLU of Florida, about the hurricane's devastation: 

"As Floridians across the state continue to deal with the aftermath of this catastrophic hurricane, please know that the ACLU of Florida is here with you and thinking of you, especially those in Southwest Florida who bore the brunt of the storm's devastation. 

"As natural disasters so often do, Hurricane Ian’s devastation will shine a light on long and pervasive inequalities that existed long before the storm. We know there are families who weren't able to afford to evacuate because of the cost of hotel rooms, food, and other necessities. We know how natural disasters like Hurricane Ian impact incarcerated people, people experiencing homelessness, and survivors of intimate partner violence. The communities that are most vulnerable and impacted must be centered in the aftermath's response and our continued work to achieve equity and fairness.

“We are grateful for the first responders and community members across the state who are stepping up to help our neighbors. None of us is above misfortune or tragedy. Right now, we all must come together to reimagine and continue to build the support systems we need to survive and thrive – during the hard times, like right now, and the best of times. 

"Our hearts are with our fellow Floridians during this difficult time. For resources and statewide emergency information, please visit:"