The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida opposes HB 9, entitled the “Rule of Law Adherence Act,” because it raises several constitutional concerns and tramples on the civil rights and liberties of actual or perceived immigrants. House Bill 9 broadly bans all sanctuary policies and procedures and requires every Florida county and municipality to expend maximum local resources to enforce federal immigration law. Moreover, it does not provide any funding or reimbursement for its costly mandate.
Specifically, this bill provides that no state entity, law enforcement agency, local government entity, state university, or representative thereof may adopt or have in effect a “sanctuary policy.” Sanctuary policy is defined broadly and vaguely in the bill to include “a law, policy, practice, procedure, or custom adopted or permitted by a state entity, local governmental entity, or law enforcement agency” which limits or prevents:
  • Compliance with an immigration detainer request
  • Compliance with a request from a federal immigration agency to notify the agency before the release of an inmate or detainee
  • Federal immigration agency access to an inmate for interview
  • Investigation of the inmate’s immigration status, and
  • Providing a federal immigration agency with an inmate’s incarceration status or release date.

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House Bill 9 would have devastating effects on communities in Florida. We have to stop it now.

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