It is no hyperbole - the 2011 Florida Legislative Session was one of the most brutal assaults on the civil liberties of Floridians in memory. Policy makers who were swept into office by the 2010 Tea Party wave regarded the bedrock principles of democracy and civil liberties as barely a stumbling block in their rush to push a political agenda that undermines critical constitutional values.
The ACLU of Florida worked hard to defend civil liberties, and even won some victories ? in an extremely hostile climate. Given the sheer volume of proposed legislation to limit our freedoms, the session could have been a great deal worse. However, that is cold comfort as we survey the damage.

We have prepared a wrap-up of civil liberties action taken during the 2011 Legislative Session entitled No Personal Freedom Safe (PDF). Please take a moment to read it and share with your friends as we prepare for the next step in defending freedom in Florida.