TALLAHASSEE, FLA. – People Over Profits, the ACLU of Florida, and the Florida Alliance announced a slate of three pro-democracy citizen ballot initiatives on Wednesday. The Fair Elections for Democracy Amendments offer a common-sense approach to safeguarding our elections, putting voters first, and removing barriers for working families. These amendments include A Voter Registration Method for Eligible Floridians, the Register and Vote Amendment, and the Voting Eligibility Restoration Amendment. If approved by voters, these three initiatives would encourage over one million new registered voters to participate in Florida’s democracy. 

A Voter Registration Method for Eligible Floridians will keep voter rolls up-to-date by registering eligible citizens to vote when they do business with the Department of Motor Vehicles, unless they opt out, as 18 other states already do. The Register and Vote Amendment will modernize our elections and do what 21 states already do by allowing voters to register to vote during early voting and on Election Day. The Voting Eligibility Restoration Amendment ensures that restoration of voting eligibility cannot be denied because of any debt, including legal financial obligations. This amendment would make it explicitly clear that no one can be denied the right to vote because of legal financial obligations.

“For over two decades, Florida’s state government has made choices that silence millions of eligible voters. At this critical moment in our nation’s history, we must ensure that every Floridian has a fair opportunity to exercise their right to vote so we can elect leaders who will govern in the people’s interests and make the promise of democracy real for us all,” said People Over Profits Chairman, Sean Shaw. “The Fair Elections for Democracy Amendments will give the people of Florida the power to uplift the voices of all Floridians and strengthen our state’s democracy.”

“Our democracy works best, and our communities are stronger, when every eligible voter is able to participate,” said Micah Kubic, Executive Director of the ACLU of Florida. “The foundation of our democracy relies on every eligible citizen being able to exercise their right to vote. These pro-democracy amendments will ensure that every Floridian has their voice heard.”

“The Florida Alliance believes we should all be working to make voting easier, no matter the political affiliation or ideology,” said Florida Alliance Executive Director, Ray Paultre. “Increasing voter participation is a good thing. It’s the foundation of a healthy democracy and it starts with improving access. This shouldn’t be controversial. We’re excited to work on common-sense reforms that strengthen our state and make it easier for Floridians to exercise their right to vote” 

Dozens of individuals and organizations are a part of this effort, including voting rights advocate and President of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Desmond Meade, who has endorsed the Fair Elections for Democracy Amendments.

“The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition is dedicated to ensuring returning citizens in Florida, from all walks of life and political persuasions, are able to fully participate in our democracy,” declared FRRC President Desmond Meade. “The Fair Elections for Democracy Amendments will create a more inclusive democracy in our state and I applaud this coalition’s commitment to freeing the vote for every Floridian.”

Learn more about the Fair Elections For Democracy Amendments and sign the petitions at FairElectionsFL.com, and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.