Florida prosecutes more children in adult courts than any other state in the country.

These youth are held in adult jails, often in isolation, while they await trial. They have no opportunity to challenge the state attorney’s unilateral decision to charge them as an adult. If convicted of a felony, they forever lose their civil rights before they ever have a chance to vote. We must do better. The ACLU of Florida has partnered with more than 20 organizations to work to end this injustice through the No Place for a Child Campaign.


  • Every month, more than 100 youth are sent to adult jails in Florida.

  • Judges have a say in only 2% of the decisions to try youth in adult court.

  • The majority of youth tried as adults were charged with nonviolent crimes.
  • Less than one-third of youth tried as adults were at high risk to re-offend.

To get involved in the fight to keep children out of prison, visit www.noplaceforachild.com.