Free to Be Florida Coalition

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Free to Be Florida (FTB) is a statewide coalition of parents, teachers, students, and public interest organizations who believe Florida’s children deserve a safe learning environment free from government overreach and censorship. 

Floridians are currently experiencing multiple attacks on their First Amendment rights and academic freedom. Now more than ever, it is essential for Floridians to unite in the fight against educational censorship in Florida and send a message that we are Free to Be.

FTB seeks to end educational censorship in Florida, particularly efforts targeting Black, Brown, and LGBTQ+ communities; build a support network to counter censorship strategies; effectuate state-wide anti-censorship strategies; and include as well as uplift the voices of impacted communities. 

The coalition believes that Florida should empower our youth to learn, grow and live without the government forcefully restricting their First Amendment rights and academic freedom. FTB understands that all students deserve to learn in a space where they are free to be themselves; where all chapters of our nation’s history are taught – the good, bad, and ugly.  

FTB also recognizes that, across the state, individuals are already mobilizing against educational censorship. Whether it’s showing up at local school board meetings or at the state Capitol, we are dedicated to fighting for academic freedom and a safe classroom for all of Florida’s children.

The FTB coalition seeks to not only build community engagement to fight back against censorship and discrimination in Florida, but also brings individuals and groups together across the state to collaborate and effectuate state-wide strategies.

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All Floridians should be Free to Be.