2023 Legislative Priorities and Bill Tracker

Our Governor and leaders and the supermajority in the legislature have the power to focus on what Floridians really need - affordable housing, livable wage, health care, quality education and employment opportunities.

They could address all of these during this session. They are choosing not to.

Instead they are choosing to push through legislation that harms Floridians, will lead to more suffering, especially those who are already the most vulnerable in our society, that prevents us from learning, that sows mistrust and division, and that punishes and criminalizes people and institutions and businesses and the media who disagree with the Governor’s agenda. All while further consolidating the power in the Governor at the expense of Floridians’ freedoms.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy 501(c)(4) organization and freedom's watchdog in the Sunshine State.

Florida's 2023 legislative session officially begins March 7, 2023, and ends sixty days later on May 5, 2023. During this legislative session, we will fight against ongoing efforts to take away Floridians’ rights and freedoms such as the escalating assault on free speech, reproductive freedom, and access to voting. We continue to push for reforms that increase justice for Floridians, including criminal justice reform, voting rights, immigrants’ rights, reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and free speech.

Each year, the ACLU of Florida reviews over 3,000 bills introduced in the Florida Legislature for civil liberties implications, identifying those bills that we are going to advocate for or against and developing strategies accordingly. We educate legislators and the public about ACLU positions, draft legislation on priority issues, lobby on bills affecting civil liberties, testify or arrange for testimony on bills, and build coalitions to pursue pro-active legislative initiatives or battle anti-civil liberties legislation. In addition, Florida legislators and their staff often ask us for analysis on pending bills.

Legislative Priorities 

The ACLU of Florida is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to protecting and strengthening the civil rights and liberties of all Floridians. As a nonprofit membership organization with over 180,000 members and supporters in Florida and more than 1.8 million supporters nationwide, we advance this mission through litigation, advocacy, and education.

Visit our webpage to read about our 2023 legislative priorities. 

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Legislative Advocacy Toolkit 

Check out our legislative advocacy toolkit which contains specific information on best practices for legislative advocacy.

Bill Tracking

We are monitoring hundreds of bills that span the breadth of the ACLU’s policy concerns. Below are just a few of the many priority bills that we will be actively working on throughout this legislative session.