For years, advocates have raised serious concerns about the Glades County Detention Center. Individuals detained at Glades have consistently reported that there is inadequate medical and mental health care. They have further reported poor sanitation and hygiene, including being served spoiled food with worms and bugs. Attorneys have experienced firsthand the lack of dedicated attorney visitation space and the access to counsel crisis that exists at Glades.

Most troubling, Glades has a pattern and practice of engaging in excessive use of force, which includes beating and pepper spraying individuals and placing them into solitary confinement. Attorneys have witnessed the physical bruises and injuries from these beatings from their clients firsthand. People detained at Glades also consistently report that staff use racial slurs and derogatory language to people of color such as “boy” and “go back to Africa.”

Glades ranked as one of the three facilities nationwide with the most COVID-19 infections, resulting in the death of one person.



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