There are a number of ways that Floridians can act to influence decision-makers and elected officials. One way to make your voice heard is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper sharing your story.

Better yet, host a letter writing party and get your community involved. Below are some tips for successfully writing your effective letters to the editor.

The Anatomy of a Letter to the Editor

  1. Make it short and sweet: Letters to the editor should be very short and to the point. There is a usually a 200- to 300-word limit.

  2. Tell a story: The more personal your letter is the more people you will reach. Ask yourself how the proposed legislation will affect you, your family, or friends

  3. Problem, Solution, Action: In each letter, you should to include the problem, the solution, and the action that you want taken.


  • Problem: Legislators have introduced a bill that would prevent transgender high school students from using the restroom representative of the gender they identify. There is increasing intolerance in Florida against LGBT people and legislators think they are protecting students by introducing this bill.

  • Solution: Win hearts and mind so that people understand how discriminatory this bill is. Get people to write to their legislators and understand that this bill impacts transgender students in negative way.

  • Action: Urge legislators to vote NO on this bill. Tell legislators you want them to spend time on things that matter to actual students instead of bill that only contribute to a hostile environment.

Sign it and Send it! Make sure to sign your full name, and include your address and phone number. Newspapers will not print anonymous letters. Submit these letters to the