Black motorists in Florida are stopped and ticketed for seatbelt violations in far greater numbers than white motorists -- nearly twice as often statewide and up to four times as often in certain counties, according to this January 27, 2016 report by the ACLU of Florida and the ACLU Racial Justice Project. The report is based on publicly available data reported by law enforcement agencies across the state, and raises serious concerns about racial profiling on Florida roads.

Not only does the report find statewide racial disparities in enforcement of the law, it also highlights counties where the disparity is even worse than the statewide average, finds an alarming drop-off in compliance with the law's reporting requirement, and makes recommendations for future reforms.Seatbelt Report

Download the report here.

Press Release available here.

A blog post by report author Nusrat Choudhury about the report is available here.