If Proposed Legislation Becomes Law, Students Will Be Experiment for Unequal Policy

April 10, 2008

Brandon Hensler, Director of Communications, (786) 363-2700 or media@aclufl.org

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida sent a letter to Governor Charlie Crist yesterday strongly urging that he veto the Legislature’s flawed plan, which would open the door to segregating students by sex in Florida’s public schools.

“In an environment where we are trying to improve education in our public schools, it is not the time to experiment with radical approaches to schooling our children,” said Becky Steele, ACLU of Florida Regional Director. “Taxpayers’ money should be going toward proven programs that will increase graduation rates across the board, not take resources away from those programs to test this unproven method on students.”

“If the sex segregation bill is signed by the governor, not only will the state be treading in uncertain legal waters – a high-quality education for all students will become less of a reality for many students,” said Emily Martin with the ACLU’s national Women’s Rights Project. “Sex-segregated schools greatly diminish diversity and exposure to real life experiences that are part of the educational process, often on the basis of junk science about differences between girls and boys. Denying students of these opportunities would be a grave legal and social blunder.”

To view a PDF of the letter sent to Governor Crist, click here:

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