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April 6, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, FL – On Tuesday, the House Education and Employment Committee passed HB1475, the anti-trans sports ban bill. The bill would prohibit transgender students from playing sports on teams that match their gender identity. It also discriminates against individuals on the basis of sex and because they are transgender, in violation of the United States Constitution and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act.

Kara Gross, legislative director and senior policy counsel, responded to today’s vote with the following:

“Simply put, this bill is about obstructing young Floridians from finding a sense of belonging and community in their schools. It’s about erasing and excluding trans people from participation in all aspects of public life. It’s about creating ‘solutions’ to ‘problems’ that don’t exist and, in the process, harming some of the most vulnerable young people in our state.

“Adding additional barriers for transgender students to be their true selves is shameful. All kids, including trans kids, deserve the chance to learn critical life lessons like teamwork, dedication, and leadership that come from sports.

“This bill excludes transgender girls in elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond from playing sports with their peers. When transgender classmates are welcomed into school sports, students are taught acceptance and inclusivity, rather than discrimination and hate. HB 1475 sends a message to transgender young people that they do not belong in our schools and in our communities. Transgender students need to be affirmed and supported, not discriminated against, ostracized, and excluded.

“HB 1475 is part of a coordinated, national attack on transgender kids that will discriminate against trans youth in ways that endanger their health, social and emotional development, and safety. We need to do better by trans youth and their families. We must be a state that upholds their right to be treated with equity, dignity, and respect. This unconstitutional bill is in blatant disregard to those rights and has no place in our state.”