With November's election fast approaching, more and more Floridians are becoming aware of the potential dangers presented by the misleading-titled "Religious Freedom Amendment" on the ballot, proposed Amendment 8, which would repeal a century-old protection in the Florida religion on government involvement in religious activities.

This week "Viewpoint," WPBT's show on religion and public affairs, featured a debate with Rev. Canon Wesley Northrup, dean of the Honors College at Florida International University, and former State Senator Dan Gelber arguing against the Amendment, and the Rev. Thomas Wenski of the Archdiocese of Miami and Mike Hill of Citizens for Religious Freedom and Non-Discrimination arguing in its favor.

The debate addresses some of the myths surrounding the intention of the Amendment (including that it seeks to end anti-Catholic bias, a myth which we issued a report last year dispelling), and reveals the dangers to religious liberty which are presented by having government spend taxpayer dollars on religious activities.

Watch the video of the full debate.