Let Florida Vote Statewide Organizer





Madeline Bowman joined the ACLU of Florida as the Let Florida Vote Statewide Organizer in June of 2023. Originally from Sarasota, she attended the University of Florida where she earned a B.A. in History, focusing on Latin American and Caribbean history. While at the University of Florida, she engaged her passion for social justice by organizing with UF College Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and National Women’s Liberation to increase access to abortion and birth control, expand voting rights, and encourage democratic participation.

Her interest in people’s history and culturally relevant pedagogy led her to obtain an M.S. in Education Policy & Evaluation at Florida State University. At FSU, she conducted research about the impact of culturally responsive education on marginalized students’ identities and interest in civic engagement and democratic participation.

Before joining the ACLU of Florida, she did community outreach and engagement work at a nonprofit organization in Tallahassee that assisted low-income residents in accessing health care in the Big Bend region of Florida. In this role, she focused her efforts on community education as a tool to help advocate for rural communities in the region.

As a ninth generation Floridian, she is invested in safeguarding the rights of communities in Florida and working to make the state a more just and equitable place for all.