Let Florida Vote! Miami-Dade Organizer





Dariel Gomez joined the ACLU of FL in July 2021 as the Broward County fellow for the Justice Voter Fellowship. He now serves as the Miami-Dade Organizer for the Let Florida Vote! Campaign. 

Prior to joining as a fellow, Dariel volunteered as an Activist Leader with the ACLU’s FLIJ campaign during high school, mobilizing his community and speaking with local legislators to pass the Hollywood Immigration Resolution in 2021. Growing up as the son of two Dominican immigrant parents, Dariel has always had a strong personal connection to advocating for the disenfranchised and empowering community members to understand and defend their rights. Today, he continues to fight and organize for voter access, education and systemic equality for all Floridians.

Dariel is currently completing his undergraduate studies at Florida International University, working towards a B.S. degree in Global Studies with a focus on sociology.