Sign Up: Volunteer as a Nonpartisan Election Protection Poll Monitor

The right to vote, the cornerstone of our democracy, is constantly under attack. Defend that right by volunteering as a nonpartisan Election Protection. 


Last year in 2021, at least 19 states passed 34 laws restricting access to voting – meaning that eligible voters in 2022 will face new and confusing restrictions on their right to vote. And voters trying to prepare for these changes will face the same rising misinformation on social media we’ve seen for over a decade, along with the usual last-minute dirty tricks designed to keep them from the polls.

The national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition works year-round to ensure that all voters have an equal opportunity to vote and have that vote count. Made up of more than 200 local, state and national partners, Election Protection uses a wide range of tools and activities to protect, advance, and defend the right to vote.

Nonpartisan Election Protection volunteers like you will be voters' first line of defense against restrictive election laws, changes to polling locations or procedures, or anything else that could silence their voices. There's a role for everyone – whether it's helping voters from home, assisting voters safely in person, or tracking online disinformation. 

Mandatory early voting in Florida runs from October 29 through November 5. Additional early voting dates vary by county. The General Election is on Tuesday, November 8.