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  1. ACLU of Florida Statements on Bills Regarding Drones, Juvenile Justice Reform and the Death Penalty

    February 7, 2013Press releaseCriminal Justice, Police Practices, Free Speech
  2. ACLU Files Lawsuit to End Flagler County Jail's Unconstitutional Postcard-only Mail Policy

    February 20, 2013Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Police Practices
  3. The White House’s Dangerously Expansive Views on Trump’s Powers That You Can’t See

    January 16, 2020News updateFree Speech, Police Practices
  4. Deleting Warrant Requirement for Law Enforcement to Use Drones and Allowing Drones to Be Used to Use to Surveil Peaceful Protests

    January 27, 2020LegislationPolice Practices, Free Speech, Privacy
  5. Trump’s Three Year Campaign to Separate Families: The Muslim Ban

    January 27, 2020News updateReligious Liberty, Free Speech, Police Practices
  6. The Government is Using its Foreign Intelligence Spying Powers for Routine Domestic Investigations

    February 5, 2020News updatePolice Practices, Privacy, Free Speech
  7. Will SCOTUS Protect the Right to Protest?

    March 5, 2020News updateFree Speech, Police Practices
  8. ACLU of Florida statement on police violence at Miami protests

    May 30, 2020Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice, Free Speech
  9. Know Your Rights While Protesting Police Brutality

    June 2, 2020News updateFree Speech, Criminal Justice, Police Practices
  10. From Arthur McDuffie to George Floyd: Racial Injustice in America

    June 2, 2020News updateRacial Justice, Free Speech, Criminal Justice, Police Practices