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  1. Agreement Reached Ending Unconstitutional Postcard-Only Mail Policy at Flagler County Jail

    May 1, 2014Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech
  2. ACLU “Astounded” by Appeals Court Decision Declaring Doctor Gun Safety Gag Rule Constitutional

    July 25, 2014Press releaseFree Speech
  3. ACLU of Florida Asks Judge for Final Order to Allow Students’ Gay-Straight Alliance to Meet

    August 22, 2014Press releaseFree Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights
  4. ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Miami-Dade Police Restrictions on Animal Rights Advocates at Miami Seaquarium

    June 2, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  5. Brevard County Board Must Not Discriminate Against Nontheists, Civil Liberties Groups Say

    July 7, 2015Press releaseFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  6. ACLU Reacts to 11th Circuit Ruling Allowing Florida Doctor Gun Safety Gag Order Law to Go into Effect

    July 28, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  7. ACLU to Appeal Decision in Federal Lawsuit over Lake County, Florida Middle School Gay-Straight Alliance

    September 17, 2015Press releaseFree Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights
  8. Settlement Reached to Protect First Amendment Rights at Miami Seaquarium

    September 21, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  9. ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Laws Targeting the Homeless in Sarasota

    October 1, 2015Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Police Practices
  10. ACLU Files Brief at Appeals Court in Lawsuit Defending Lake County, Florida Students' Right to Establish Gay-Straight Alliance

    October 27, 2015Press releaseFree Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights