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  1. Voting the easy way

    October 23, 2014News updateVoting Rights
  2. Don’t be conned by the Legislature’s Amendment 3     

    October 28, 2014News updateCriminal Justice, Voting Rights
  3. Amendment 2 is about Care for Patients – Like My Mother

    November 2, 2014News updateVoting Rights
  4. The Goalkeeper

    November 7, 2014News updateFree Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Religious Liberty, Voting Rights
  5. Voting is a Human Right Not a Privilege

    December 10, 2014News updateRacial Justice, Voting Rights
  6. Get Ready to Fight for Civil Liberties in Tallahassee

    February 3, 2015News updateCriminal Justice, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Police Practices, Racial Justice, Religious Liberty, Voting Rights
  7. 1.5 million Floridians can't vote

    February 18, 2015News updateVoting Rights
  8. ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging "Prison Gerrymandering" Election Districts in Florida County

    March 9, 2015Press releaseCriminal Justice, Voting Rights
  9. ACLU Statement on "Moderate" Jeb Bush's Record as Florida Governor

    June 15, 2015Press releaseVoting Rights
  10. The Voting Rights Act at 50 and the Work Still to Be Done

    August 6, 2015News updateRacial Justice, Voting Rights