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  1. How the Impact of Bostock v. Clayton County on LGBTQ Rights Continues to Expand

    June 15, 2022News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  2. Trans Joy Is Most Necessary When It Feels the Most Impossible

    June 17, 2022News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  3. How LGBTQ Voices are Being Erased in Classrooms

    June 27, 2022News updateLGBTQ+ Rights, Free Speech, Students & Youth Rights
  4. Here’s What You Need to Know About the House Passage of the Respect for Marriage Act

    July 21, 2022News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  5. ACLU of Florida Condemns the Discriminatory and Political Decision of the Florida Board of Medicine to Initiate Rulemaking To Ban Life-Saving Medical Care for Transgender Youth in Florida

    August 10, 2022Press releaseLGBTQ+ Rights
  6. Trans Health Care in Florida: What You Need to Know

    August 11, 2022News updateLGBTQ+ Rights, Students & Youth Rights
  7. Gendered Dress Codes Hurt Everyone — Especially Non-Binary People Like Me

    September 12, 2022News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  8. A Warm Hello from the New Executive Director of the ACLU of Florida

    September 20, 2022News updateCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Immigrants' Rights, Juvenile Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights, Racial Justice, Students & Youth Rights, Voting Rights, Women's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity
  9. Rights Behind the Headlines: Florida Wants to Deny Lifesaving Healthcare to Transgender Floridians

    October 6, 2022News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  10. Rights Behind the Headlines: Gov. DeSantis political gimmicks harm LGBTQ+ students and families

    October 6, 2022News updateLGBTQ+ Rights, Students & Youth Rights