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  1. Let Trans People Vote

    October 16, 2020News updateVoting Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights
  2. The Supreme Court Case That Could Jeopardize LGBTQ Rights

    October 23, 2020News updateLGBTQ+ Rights, Religious Liberty
  3. Hood v. Wilkins

    October 16, 2020CaseLGBTQ+ Rights
  4. Love v. Young

    October 16, 2020CaseLGBTQ+ Rights
  5. Attacks on Trans Athletes are Also an Attack on Intersex People

    October 23, 2020News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  6. Don’t Let the Supreme Court Open the Door to More Discrimination Against LGBTQ People

    October 26, 2020News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  7. Remembrance, Resilience, and Response: Addressing An Epidemic of Violence Against Trans and Non-Binary People

    November 19, 2020News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  8. To Protect Black Trans Lives, Decriminalize Sex Work

    November 20, 2020News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  9. What President Biden’s LGBTQ Executive Order Does and Doesn’t Do

    January 21, 2021News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  10. I’m Nonbinary. My Passport Should Show That.

    January 27, 2021News updateLGBTQ+ Rights