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  1. School-to-Prison Pipeline: Local Resources

    September 1, 2020PageJuvenile Justice, Students & Youth Rights
  2. The Expanding Presence of Law Enforcement in Florida Schools

    August 28, 2020PageStudents & Youth Rights, Police Practices, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice
  3. Tell your Legislator: Repeal the School Policing Mandate

    September 2, 2020ActionStudents & Youth Rights, Police Practices, Racial Justice
  4. Florida Must Reassess the Role of Police in Schools

    September 2, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Racial Justice, Police Practices, Criminal Justice
  5. The Cost of School Policing

    September 2, 2020PublicationStudents & Youth Rights, Racial Justice, Police Practices, Criminal Justice
  6. New Study Reveals Florida’s School Policing Mandate Has Increased Negative Outcomes for Students

    September 2, 2020Press releaseStudents & Youth Rights, Criminal Justice, Police Practices, Racial Justice
  7. No More Forced Prayers in School

    September 15, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Religious Liberty
  8. ACLU of Florida and Playground City Launch New Resources focusing on Students’ Rights 

    September 16, 2020Press releaseStudents & Youth Rights, Free Speech, Women's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity, LGBTQ+ Rights, Racial Justice, Police Practices
  9. Punished for Reporting Sexual Harassment: How One Law School Almost Got a Student Survivor Banned From the Bar

    September 29, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Women's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity
  10. Ten Questions College Students Should Ask About Their Schools’ COVID-19 Apps

    September 30, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Privacy