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  1. Welcome to the ACLU of Florida Blog of Rights!

    February 15, 2012News updateCriminal Justice, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Police Practices, Racial Justice, Religious Liberty, Voting Rights
  2. Meet the New Northwest Florida Regional Organizer

    March 29, 2012News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  3. ACLU of Florida at the RNC: August 27 - Welcome to Tampa

    August 27, 2012News updateFree Speech, Police Practices, LGBTQ+ Rights, Criminal Justice
  4. Talking about LGBT issues in Hispanic/Latina Communities

    August 31, 2012News updateRacial Justice, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights
  5. ACLU of Florida at the RNC: August 28 - Volunteers and Voter Suppression

    August 28, 2012News updateVoting Rights, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Criminal Justice
  6. Join us at the Pensacola LGBT Film Festival

    October 3, 2012News updateLGBTQ+ Rights, Criminal Justice
  7. Coming to Sarasota: Our New Domestic Partner Registry

    October 15, 2012News updateLGBTQ+ Rights, Free Speech
  8. Celebrating Forever Families on National Adoption Day

    November 16, 2012News updateLGBTQ+ Rights, Free Speech