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  1. We Need You With Us — help defend our civil liberties

    February 12, 2020ActionCriminal Justice, Racial Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights, Women's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity, Students & Youth Rights, Immigrants' Rights
  2. COVID-19 and Your Rights

    March 23, 2020Action
  3. Advocacy at home during COVID-19

    March 23, 2020Action
  4. Stop the Spread of COVID-19

    March 24, 2020ActionCriminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, Immigrants' Rights
  5. Tell Gov. DeSantis: Protect people in jails and prisons from COVID-19

    April 10, 2020ActionRacial Justice
  6. Tell your Supervisor of Elections to Increase Voting Access in Florida

    April 23, 2020ActionVoting Rights
  7. Demand justice for George Floyd

    June 3, 2020ActionRacial Justice, Police Practices
  8. Demand Justice for Tony McDade

    June 3, 2020ActionRacial Justice, Police Practices, LGBTQ+ Rights
  9. Say Her Name: Justice for Breonna Taylor

    June 3, 2020ActionRacial Justice, Police Practices
  10. Civilian Oversight of the Police in Miami-Dade County

    June 9, 2020ActionRacial Justice, Police Practices