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  1. CBP Deported an Iranian Student With Valid Visa, Defying Court Order

    January 21, 2020News updatePolice Practices, Students & Youth Rights, Immigrants' Rights
  2. The Government Is Trying to Strip Student Workers of the Ability to Unionize

    January 30, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Free Speech
  3. The Plan to Protect Civil Liberties in 2020

    January 30, 2020News updateCriminal Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights, Students & Youth Rights, Racial Justice, Women's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity, Voting Rights
  4. Those “Free” Remote Learning Apps Have a High Cost: Your Student’s Privacy

    March 27, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights
  5. Kent State and Its Legacy of National Student Protest

    April 17, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Free Speech
  6. In Fear of Falling Behind and Privacy Invasions, Students Demand Action on Remote Learning

    May 14, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Privacy
  7. DeVos is Rolling Back Protections for Sexual Harassment and Assault Survivors in Schools. We’re Suing to Put a Stop to It.

    May 14, 2020News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity, Students & Youth Rights
  8. Taxpayers Shouldn’t Have to Fund Religious Education: How Today’s Supreme Court Decision Further Erodes the Separation of Church and State

    June 30, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Religious Liberty, Free Speech
  9. Police in Schools Continue to Target Black, Brown, and Indigenous Students with Disabilities. The Trump Administration Has Data That’s Likely to Prove It.

    July 9, 2020News updateStudents & Youth Rights, Racial Justice
  10. Students, Colleges, and Universities Win Against the Trump Administration’s Latest Anti-Immigrant Attack

    July 17, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights, Students & Youth Rights