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  1. We Can Create a Florida That Is More Just, More Equal, and More Free

    January 19, 2021News updateVoting Rights, Criminal Justice, Immigrants' Rights, Racial Justice, Free Speech
  2. ACLU of Florida Statement on Gov. DeSantis’ Latest Attempt to Restrict Voting

    February 23, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights
  3. If the Biden Administration Is Serious About Protecting Voting Rights, Here’s What It Should Do Immediately

    February 23, 2021News updateVoting Rights
  4. One Key Reform Can Fight Voter Suppression

    March 10, 2021News updateVoting Rights
  5. Florida Clemency Board Expands Civil Rights for Floridians 

    March 10, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights, Criminal Justice
  6. HB 103: Maximizing voter participation in elections

    March 9, 2021LegislationVoting Rights
  7. SB 90: Restricts Vote-By-Mail

    March 19, 2021LegislationVoting Rights
  8. Lack of Full Statehood Rights Continues to Cause Harm to D.C. Residents

    March 22, 2021News updateVoting Rights, Free Speech
  9. ACLU of Florida condemns passage of bill that would create barriers to voting by mail in Florida 

    March 12, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights
  10. Racial Org's Gather in Virtual Event to Denounce SB90 & HB7041

    April 12, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights