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  1. 20 Years Later, Guantánamo Remains a Disgraceful Stain on Our Nation. It Needs to End.

    January 11, 2022News updateCriminal Justice
  2. HB 11 / SB 1872 - Criminalizes Bystanders

    January 11, 2022LegislationFree Speech, Criminal Justice, Police Practices
  3. SB 630 / HB 363 - Protecting Pregnant Women From Having to Give Birth in Prison

    January 11, 2022LegislationWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity, Criminal Justice
  4. SB 504 / HB 957 & HB 171 - Incentivizing Rehabilitation

    January 11, 2022LegislationCriminal Justice
  5. How a Cruel Criminal Justice System Has Prolonged the Tragedy Suffered by One Florida Family

    January 13, 2022News updateCriminal Justice
  6. Civil Rights Groups and Zuckerman Spaeder File Lawsuit On Behalf of Floridian Unlawfully Profiled and Detained for Being Born Abroad

    January 20, 2022Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice, Police Practices
  7. One Year Later: How the Biden Administration is Doing on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

    January 24, 2022News updateRacial Justice, Immigrants' Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, Free Speech, Voting Rights, Women's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity, Religious Liberty, Free Speech, Privacy, Criminal Justice
  8. Advocacy groups challenge Sarasota Clerk of Court’s legal authority to suspend driver’s licenses for non-payment associated with local ordinance violations

    January 6, 2022Press releaseCriminal Justice
  9. Barnett v. Tony - 173 Order on Motion to Enforce and Modify

    January 31, 2022PageCriminal Justice
  10. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is Still Delaying My Health Care, Despite a Court Order

    January 31, 2022News updateCriminal Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights