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  1. Joint Statement from American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), ACLU of Florida, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund on Florida Supreme Court Advisory Opinion regarding Amendment 4 

    January 16, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights
  2. ACLU of Florida Statement on Senate Bill Obstructing the Citizen Initiative Process

    February 11, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights, Free Speech
  3. Voting Rights Groups Call On State Officials to Ensure Florida Is Ready for Elections

    February 13, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights
  4. Federal Appeals Court Blocks Florida Law That Undermines Voting Rights Restoration

    February 19, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights
  5. Grassroots Organizations Collectively Urge Legislature to Protect Floridian’s Right to Direct Democracy & Oppose Anti-Ballot Initiative Proposals

    February 18, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights
  6. Voting Rights Groups Demand Equal Access to Voting Sites for African-American Voters in Panama City Ahead of March 17 Primary Election

    March 5, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights, Racial Justice
  7. Fair Vote By Mail Policies and Expanding Early Voting Necessary for Safe Administration of 2020 Elections During the COVID-19 Pandemic, According to New Report

    April 22, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights, Racial Justice
  8. Federal Trial Concludes in Challenge to Florida Law That Undermines Voting Rights Restoration

    May 6, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights, Florida's Voter Restoration Amendment
  9. ACLU Announces First Ever Voter Education Push Around Sheriff, State Attorney and Supervisor of Elections Races in Orange/Osceola and Broward Counties

    May 7, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights
  10. ACLU of Florida Launches Voter Outreach Effort with Non-partisan Partners – Equal Ground, Voto Latino, Real Women Radio Foundation

    May 21, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights