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  1. A Struggle for the Liberation of Transgender People

    October 1, 2020News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  2. ACLU of Florida 2020 Ballot Recommendations

    October 1, 2020Press release
  3. At the Polls, Episode 3: The Role of the Courts in Election 2020

    October 1, 2020News updateVoting Rights
  4. Safe at Home: Fighting Against Sexual Harassment in Housing

    October 1, 2020News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom & Gender Equity
  5. Voting by Mail is Easier and Safer Than You Think. Here’s How.

    October 2, 2020News updateVoting Rights
  6. The Law That Sent a Man to Prison for Life for Stealing a Pair of Hedge Clippers – and What Prosecutors Can do About It

    October 2, 2020News updateCriminal Justice
  7. The Supreme Court Rulings You’re Not Hearing About

    October 2, 2020News update
  8. I Am a Newly Naturalized Citizen and Registered to Vote. Are You?

    October 6, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights, Voting Rights
  9. The Long Road to Employment Non-Discrimination for LGBTQ People in Miami

    October 7, 2020News updateLGBTQ+ Rights
  10. At the Polls, Episode 4: What Does it Take to Get Younger Voters to the Polls?

    October 7, 2020News updateVoting Rights