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  1. 13,000 Rights Restoration Letters Gathering Dust in Tallahassee

    August 3, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  2. The RNC is coming. Is the Bill of Rights Ready?

    August 6, 2012News updateFree Speech, Police Practices
  3. Volunteers Needed: Join Us in Defense of Free Speech at the RNC

    August 21, 2012News updateFree Speech
  4. ACLU of Florida at the RNC - August 28: The Calm Before the Storm

    August 26, 2012News updatePolice Practices
  5. ACLU of Florida at the RNC: August 27 - Welcome to Tampa

    August 27, 2012News updateFree Speech, Police Practices, LGBTQ+ Rights, Criminal Justice
  6. Talking about LGBT issues in Hispanic/Latina Communities

    August 31, 2012News updateRacial Justice, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights
  7. ACLU of Florida at the RNC: August 28 - Volunteers and Voter Suppression

    August 28, 2012News updateVoting Rights, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Criminal Justice