We Have Rights Student Handbook

September 16, 2020

Constitutional rights do not end at the schoolhouse doors. The law can be complex and vague, especially with regards to the rights of young people, but students and teens should know their rights!

Our We Have Rights Student Handbook was developed to help educate Florida’s youth, their families and mentors on youth rights. This handbook does not offer legal advice and is not a substitute for consulting an attorney.

Our Student Know Your Rights Handbook is a guide that includes critical information for young people about their rights. Topics include: 

  • Young people’s rights when interacting with police;
  • Students First Amendment rights in school;
  • Teen health and the law;
  • How to file complaints of discrimination, bullying or other  harassment in a school;
  • Students rights to due process when being disciplined; 
  • And more.

Resources for Teachers & Community Leaders

The following resources are for teachers and community leaders to use to help young people understand the rights they have and how they can protect them. The curriculum is designed as a three-part series, but can be adapted as needed. Assessments and a guide for aligning the materials with Florida Standards are included.

File Intro to Civil Rights PowerPoint

File School Discipline PowerPoint

File Your Rights with Police PowerPoint


Rights! Card Game

In partnership with Playground City and Paul C. Perkins Bar Association, the artwork presented in this handbook was created by Florida youth for Florida youth for the card game Rights! This multiplayer game helps young people learn how to exercise their rights through play. The premiering set of cards focuses on improving memory recall of their constitutional rights while at school and during police encounters. Rights! offers parents, teachers, and community leaders an opportunity to dismantle communication barriers, in a safe yet fun way, about the institutions that govern our everyday lives. Bridge the gap through play by downloading this game and other supplemental material at www.playgroundcity.com

Download the Rights! Card Game