All children have a constitutional right to an equal education, but we know that the school-to-prison pipeline and zero tolerance policies in schools make this nearly impossible for students of color, LGBTQ youth and students with disabilities. Learn how your county is contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline in our new report, “Safe to Learn: An Assessment of School Climate and Discipline in Florida.”

We want our kids to be safe. Not for adults to feel like our kids are safe.

In Florida there are more cops than counselors in our schools. 

As Florida’s schools implement recent legislation, the community must ensure that mistakes of the past are not repeated. The School-to-Prison Pipeline exists - kids are being pushed out of school through discipline and arrests and funneled into the justice system. Racial disparities plague every corner of the system and are compounded at every stage. Adults must carefully weigh each decision along the way, as each step away from the school house will take a child closer to the jail house.
Use this report to gauge how your local systems, from the school to the courts, are serving youth in your community and use this tool to advocate for change. You can find more advocacy resources in our Keep Kids Learning Insitute. 

The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Your County

Is your county contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline? Use the map below to find out. 

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