The report provides data for legislator decision-making and   recommends funding for expanded use of juvenile civil citations.

A new report analyzing the impact of a proposed bill to reduce arrests for common youth misbehavior finds that unless juvenile civil citations are required per the proposed legislation there will be an estimated 14,000 arrests of Florida youth for common youth misbehavior for FY 2016-2017 and FY 2017-2018, including 6,000 black youth.

The report – “Requiring Juvenile Civil Citations in Florida” – was authored by one of Florida’s top juvenile civil citation experts, and endorsed by national and state juvenile justice and children’s organizations.  The purpose of the report, which takes no position on the legislation, is to inform data-driven decision-making by legislators. (see full report at

Juvenile civil citations are an alternative to arrest for common youth misbehavior.  The proposed legislation – Senate Bill 196 – would require law enforcement to issue civil citations for first-time offenders with 11 common youth misbehaviors, like underage drinking and petit theft.  “Requiring Juvenile Civil Citations in Florida” leaves for legislators to determine how best to increase civil citation utilization, whether through a law enforcement requirement or other approaches outlined in the report, which recommends funding.


Report endorsements

ACLU of Florida, James Madison Institute, Florida, State University Project on Accountable Justice, Florida PTA, Florida Juvenile Justice Association, and Joseph W. & Terrell S. Clark.