TALLAHASSEE, FL - The Senate Judiciary Committee today voted to pass SB 404, which requires minors to obtain parental consent prior to receiving an abortion. SB 404 forces young people to obtain notarized written consent from a parent or legal guardian or receive a judicial waiver from a court prior to recieving an abortion even though Florida law already requires parental notificiation. 

Kara Gross, legislative director, ACLU of Florida responded to today’s vote saying: 

“Today, certain legislators in the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to strip young people of their constitutionally protected right to end an unintended pregnancy in Florida. This grave governmental intrusion will put young Floridians at unnecessary risk. 

The reality is, Florida law already requires parental notification for minors who decide to end an unintended pregnancy. This law already adequately ensures parents and guardians can be involved and support and guide their minor through this decision. And, most young people who decide to have an abortion already do so in consultation with their parents, guardians and medical professionals. 

Requiring a parent’s consent to end a pregnancy or forcing minors to plead their case to a judge, creates unnecessary and unduly burdensome obstacles for minors that will ultimately force children to have children against their will. 

The truth is, certain lawmakers are putting minors in unnecessary danger by stripping them of their right to end an unintended pregnancy. This bill will decrease the likelihood that minors who are pregnant will confide in their parents, resulting in them seeking unsafe methods to end their pregnancies and ultimately jeopardize their lives. 

Something is very wrong when politicians pass bills that make it harder for minors to not have children. Florida legislators should stop creating obstacles to safe, legal and constitutionally protected abortion care.”