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November 7, 2017

The Florida House Judiciary Committee today voted to pass HB 9, which requires all local law enforcement agencies in Florida to expend their resources to enforce federal immigration law, regardless of community priorities, local resources, or constitutional limitations.

ACLU of Florida legislative counsel Kara Gross responded to today’s vote stating:

“HB 9 is a dangerous threat to due process and to immigrant communities across the state of Florida. Immigration law is the responsibility of the federal government – not local police departments. This bill threatens local governments with losing state aid if they refuse to divert limited public safety resources into enforcing federal detention and deportation programs. It also leaves local governments on the hook for the costs of lawsuits over the unconstitutional practices which the bill would open the door to. We are grateful to the members of the Judiciary Committee who voted against HB 9 today, and to all the Floridians who attended today’s hearing to speak out against this dangerous bill.

The ACLU of Florida had sent a letter to the members of the Judiciary Committee explaining the constitutional failings of the legislation. That letter is available here:

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