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June 30, 2020

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Gov. DeSantis today signed Senate Bill 404, commonly known as the parental consent bill, into law. The new law will force young people to obtain notarized written consent from a parent or receive a judicial waiver from a court in order to access abortion care. 

Micah Kubic, executive director, ACLU of Florida responded to the bill signing saying: 

“Gov. DeSantis just signed a bill into law that will force children to have children. Certain lawmakers falsely insist that this bill is about protecting minors and ensuring parental involvement or guidance—it’s not. It is a well-known fact that some politicians in Florida want to end access to safe and legal reproductive care in our state.

“Florida has now become the latest state to try to limit the constitutional protections guaranteed in Roe v. Wade. Bans to safe, legal and constitutionally protected abortion care are blatantly unconstitutional and wrong. Forcing a young person to have a child against their will is the epitome of government intrusion.

“Florida Statutes are already clear and were approved by voters decades ago, yet, the government has insisted that Floridians do not know what’s best for us or our state. These statutes already strictly require that physicians notify parents of their minor’s intent to end a pregnancy prior to any abortion care services being provided. The government has not provided any evidence that physicians are not following current laws, that parents are not being notified, or that minors are not already involving their parents.

“Once again, the governor is trying to tell Floridians that the government knows best and that Florida voters do not have a say in how our state operates. This law is a sham. 

“We know this new law will be devastating to minors and at-risk youth. It’s clearly unconstitutional and contrary to the will of Floridians. Our young people deserve better and do not deserve to have their constitutionally protected rights stripped away.”