Civil rights and civil liberties organization urges Floridians to vote “No” on ballot initiatives one, three and four 

MIAMI - Today, the ACLU of Florida releases its 2020 ballot recommendations for the General Election and urges Florida voters to vote “No” on amendments one, three and four. Florida voters will have the opportunity to vote on six proposed constitutional amendments on November’s ballot. The civil rights and liberties organization opposes three of those initiatives to ensure that civil rights and civil liberties prevail in Florida. 

“Florida voters will once again have an opportunity to amend our state constitution in November,” said Micah Kubic, ACLU of Florida’s executive director. “But three of the proposed initiatives on the ballot would taint our state’s constitution by undermining Floridians' political power and access to democracy, enshrining xenophobia, and diluting voters' power and impact. To ensure our state's constitution is not tarnished with provisions that gut the civil rights and liberties of Floridians, we must vote 'No' on proposed amendments one, three, and four. The integrity of our democracy depends on rejecting these provisions." 

The following are the ACLU of Florida’s 2020 ballot recommendations:

Vote “No” on ballot initiative 1, the so-called “Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections.” The amendment purports to limit voting to only U.S. citizens. However, federal and state law are already clear voting rights are strictly for U.S. citizens, and there are no movements to expand voting rights to noncitizens in Florida.This amendment is xenophobic and unpatriotriotic. It fails to strengthen our democracy or protect our elections. Instead, it opens the door for additional measures that would subvert and endanger the right of every citizen to vote. 

Vote “No” on ballot initiative #3, misleadingly titled, “All Voters Vote in Primary Elections for State Legislature, Governor and Cabinet.” This amendment would have a negative impact on Black voters and effectively silence their voices. Additionally, it would create a "top-two" electoral system that could prevent voters in the general election from voting for members of their own party in state legislative, governor and cabinet races. The measure also raises First Amendment concerns by hindering political dissent and a political party's freedom of association, as well as the ability to select its candidates and messaging. 

Vote “No” on ballot Initiative #4, disingenuously and misleadingly titled “Voter Approval of Constitutional Amendments.” This amendment is a political effort to obstruct voters’ ability to pass future constitutional amendments, even those with support from a supermajority of voters. This ballot initiative disregards the will of the people and renders their voices mute on the issues Floridians care about most. 

The ACLU of Florida’s 2020 Ballot Guide can be found here: