Rather than stand with courageous mayors across the country against the Trump administration’s threat to withhold federal grant money from sanctuary cities, Mayor Carlos Gimenez voluntarily chose to violate the rights of Miami-Dade residents by ordering county officials to comply with federal detention requests, detaining people suspected of being undocumented immigrants without a warrant for possible deportation.

Take a stand for the rights of immigrants in Miami-Dade County by contacting your county commissioner today. We need to demand that Mayor Gimenez reconsider cooperating with the Trump administration’s unconstitutional executive order.

Show your support for refugees, immigrants, Muslims and people of all faiths. We need every voice on the record – call your county commissioner today and demand that they publicly oppose Trump’s Muslim ban and Mayor Gimenez's decision.


Hi, my name is ____ and I live in zip code _______. I am calling to talk to Commissioner (Last Name) about Mayor Gimenez's decision to comply with Trump's unconstitutional executive order against sanctuary cities.


  1. Ask the commissioner to make a public statement asking Mayor Gimenez to reconsider cooperating with Trump’s executive order.
  2. Miami has a long history as being welcoming to immigrants and half of its population is made up of immigrants.
  3. Ask the commissioner to support the previous county policy of refusing to participate in unconstitutional ICE detention requests and urge that they protect Miami-Dade’s immigrant community.

Click here to visit the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners website. 


District 1: Barbara Jordan
Downtown Office: 305-375-5694
District Office: 305-474-3011

District 2: Jean Monestime
Downtown Office: 305-375-4833
District Office: 305-694-2779

District 3: Audrey Edmonson
Downtown Office: 305-375-5393
District Office: 305-636-2331

District 4: Sally Heyman
Downtown Office: 305-375-5128
District Office: 305-787-5999

District 5: Bruno Barreiro
Main Office: 305-643-8525
District Office: 305-673-7743

District 6: Rebeca Sosa
Downtown Office: 305-375-5696
District Office: 305-267-6377

District 7: Xavier Suarez
South Miami District Office: 305-669-4003
Coconut Grove Office: 305-694-3550

District 8: Daniella Cava
Downtown Office: 305-375-5218
District Office: 305-378-6677

District 9: Dennis Moss
Downtown Office: 305-375-4832
District Office: 305-234-4938
Florida City Office: 305-245-4420

District 10: Javier Souto
Downtown Office: 305-375-4835
District Office: 305-222-2116

District 11: Joe Martinez
Downtown Office
305-375-5511 Phone

District 12: Jose "Pepe" Diaz
Downtown Office: 305-375-4343
District Office: 305-599-1200

District 13: Esteban Bovo Jr.
Downtown Office: 305-375-4831
District Office: 305-820-8424