A bill before the Legislature, SB 1102, would raise the monetary threshold for grand theft from $300 to $1,000, making our criminal justice system fairer, keeping our communities safe, and saving millions of taxpayer’s dollars. Call your state senator and ask them to support SB 1102.

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Once connected, tell your state representative why you support SB 1102, the bill that would revise monetary thresholds for property crimes. 

Should someone who shoplifts a video game console spend five years behind bars? Is it fair for Florida taxpayers to pay tens of thousands of dollars to incarcerate someone who stole something worth $300?

Under Florida’s current system, a person convicted of third degree felony for stealing something worth $300 can receive up to five years in prison, costing taxpayers upwards of $20,000 a year to house them in a Florida prison — that’s $100,000 over a five-year period. .


SB 1102 would raise the minimum monetary threshold for property crimes. This is good for Florida because: 

  • Since 2001, over thirty states have updated their minimum monetary thresholds, but Florida has not done so since 1986.
  • Raising the felony theft threshold has no impact on overall property crime or larceny rates.
  • Raising monetary thresholds for crimes save taxpayers money.
  • States that increased their thresholds reported roughly the same average decrease in crime as the 27 states that did not change their theft laws.a