We need to stop Senate Bill 7086. On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee is meeting to vote on SB 7086. 

SB 7086 raises serious constitutional concerns, is overly broad and would restrict newly enfranchised voters from being able to vote in Florida. TAKE ACTION NOW: Call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who have not publicly opposed SB 7086 and ask them to oppose this bill.

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Suggested call script: 

Hi, my name is _________ and I’m calling to urge State Senator _______ to oppose SB 7086. 1.4 million people throughout Florida just had their voting rights restored by Amendment 4. SB 7086 endangers that right and will undermine the will of Florida voters who approved Voting Restoration Amendment 4.

I’m concerned this bill will restrict the number of people who are eligible to vote and have access to the ballot box in our state. It is too broad and  would change the law to allow people other than a judge to determine who can and can’t participate in our democracy and in our communities. The passage of Amendment 4 marked the single greatest victory for voting rights in the U.S. since 1965. As voting rights are under attack all across our country, we need to protect voting rights in Florida. 

Please ask State Senator _______  to support voting rights and the will of Florida voters and oppose SB 7086.

Senate Judiciary Committee Members who have not publicly opposed SB 7086