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Potential Allies and Resources

The following organizations have been active in promoting Smart Justice reforms for juveniles.

Government Stakeholders and Policymakers

In addition to your local law enforcement agencies, county commission, city council and school board, the following governmental agencies are key in juvenile justice policy.

Department of Juvenile Justice

  • Circuit Advisory Boards
    Advisory boards are established to promote collaboration and cooperation among juvenile justice stakeholders. Their meetings are public and noticed here. They are made up of representatives from the local school district, law enforcement agencies, state attorney and public defender, county commission, Department of Children and Families, Department of Corrections and representatives from the local business, faith community, etc.
  • Data Reports
    The DJJ provides a wealth of data online, including many interactive tools to analyze your local juvenile justice scene.
  • Civil Citations
    The DJJ provides background materials on civil citations here, including contacts for local programs. You can analyze the data for your local civil citation program using the Civil Citation Dashboard.

Circuit Court

State Attorney’s Office

Public Defender’s Office