Every twenty years, a Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) is appointed to examine the Florida Constitution, hold public hearings, and recommend changes to the Florida Constitution that will appear on the ballot. The ACLU of Florida will be watching the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) closely to protect Constitutional rights in our state, and will be calling on you to help defend those rights. 

You can support the ACLU’s priorities and work to protect and preserve our Constitutional rights by attending commission hearings around the state and calling for the commission to uphold specific constitutional issues. We have a list of resources you can use below, including public hearing dates, information on the proposals we oppose, and general FAQ's on the CRC.

Find a public hearing in your city here.

For more information and to get involved in advocacy efforts, please contact Natishia Y. June, Organizing Manager, at njune@aclufl.org

What is Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC)? 

The CRC consists of 37 members who are appointed primarily by the Governor, the Senate President, and the Speaker of the House to review and recommend changes to the Florida Constitution.  Specifically, the CRC is composed of fifteen appointees from the Governor (Governor Scott), nine appointees from the Florida Senate President (President Negron), nine appointees from the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives (Speaker Corcoran), three appointees from the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court (Justice Labarga), and the State Attorney General (Pam Bondi).

These 37 commissioners will ultimately decide on proposed changes to the Florida Constitution that will make it to the ballot for a voter decision November 2018.  Click here to learn about the 37 Commissioners.

Why should I care about the CRC?

The 2017-2018 Florida Constitution Revision Commission has convened and we believe that over the next few weeks and months it will propose several ballot initiatives for the November 2018 ballot that will strip away Constitutional protections and put Florida into the civil liberties fight of its life.

Critical civil liberties issues — including, but not limited to, reproductive rights, privacy, separation of church of state, LGBT rights, voting rights, and immigrants’ rights — could be at stake during this constitutional revision.

If the CRC recommends a proposal for the ballot, that proposal will go directly on the ballot. That means that if the CRC proposes to gut our constitutional privacy protections (Proposal 22), or require that every Florida employer utilize the flawed-e-verify database to check the immigration status of its employees (Proposal 29), or if it decides to do away with Florida’s Constitutional prohibition on using state funds for religious purposes (Proposals 4), those proposals will directly appear on our November 2018 ballot. We will then need mobilize 60 percent of Florida voters to vote against them, or they will become law.

Which Proposals pose the greatest threats to our civil liberties and civil rights?

Several proposals strip away Floridian’s civil liberties and threaten our current Constitutional protections, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Proposal 4 – Deletes the No Aid provision of our Florida Constitution and opens the door for state funding of religious institutions. 
  2. Proposal 22 – Abolishes Florida’s Constitutional privacy protections, except for those relating to informational privacy. 
  3. Proposal 29 – Requires all employers to use the error-prone E-Verify system to check the immigration status of all new employees, and provides penalties and loss of license for noncompliance. 
  4. Proposal 96 – Conflicts with and undermines defendants’ Constitutional Rights in criminal justice proceedings, while not meaningfully providing relief to victims. 

All proposals can be viewed and tracked here: http://flcrc.gov/Proposals/Commissioner

What can I do to ensure that these proposals don’t make the ballot?

You can support the ACLU of Florida’s priorities and work to protect and preserve our Constitutional rights by speaking at commission hearings and contacting the Commissioners by phone or email. 

  1. Sign up for our action alerts so we can contact you about pressing actions: aclufl.org/email
  2. Contact the Commissioners and let them know you oppose the above Proposals: http://flcrc.gov/Commissioners
  3. Attend a public hearing and speak out against these proposals. Public hearing dates are listed below. 
  4. Like the Constitution Watch Facebook Page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/FloridaConstitutionWatch/

 Upcoming Public Hearings 

Click here to find an event in your city. 

  1. Fort Lauderdale - Tuesday, February 6, 1 - 7 p.m. EST
    Nova Southeastern University
    Rick Case Arena at the Don Taft University Center
    3301 College Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

    RSVP for the hearing here.

  2. Melbourne - Monday, February 19, 1 -7 p.m. EST
    Eastern Florida State College
    Maxwell C. King Center
    3865 North Wickham Road
    Melbourne, FL 32935 

    RSVP for the hearing here.
  3. Jacksonville - Tuesday, February 20, 1 -7 p.m. EST
    University of North Florida
    Herbert University Center
    12000 Alumni Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32224 

    RSVP for the hearing here.
  4. Pensacola - Tuesday, February 27, 1 -7 p.m. CST
    University of West Florida
    Conference Center & Ballroom
    11000 University Parkway, Building 22
    Pensacola, FL 32514 

    RSVP for the hearing here.
  5. St. Petersburg - Tuesday, March 13, 1 -7 p.m. EST
    University of South Florida – St. Petersburg
    University Student Center
    200 6th Ave S
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701 

    RSVP for the hearing here.
  6. Southwest Florida - TBD

What should I say at the hearing or when I email or call the Commissioners?

Let them know that you oppose the above proposals. Additionally, call upon them to:

  • Preserve the right to privacy in Florida, which encompasses the right to reproductive freedom.
  • Preserve the requirement that the state not fund religious institutions (preserve the ‘no aid’ provision).
  • Preserve the constitutional rights of defendants in our criminal justice system.
  • Protect the independence of Florida’s judiciary and maintain the system of checks and balances that protects Florida’s citizens and ensures a strong democracy.
  • Preserve a strong public school system for all Florida students.

Additional resources on the CRC:

  1. Florida Constitution Watch
    The Florida Constitution Watch is a coalition of watchdog organizations who are carefully monitoring the Florida Constitution Revision Commission. Get the most up-to-date information on the commission and advocacy efforts by "Liking" our Facebook Page.
  2. Florida Constitution Revision Comission website: http://www.flcrc.gov
  3. "What is the CRC?" Florida Bar infographic: https://www.floridabar.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/ada-florida-constitution-revision-commission-brochure.pdf

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