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Senate Bill 168 will be heard in the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday, April 17. It's our last chance to stop the bill before it moves to a full vote in the state Senate. SB 168, a terrible anti-immigrant bill, would endanger immigrants, people of color, and every community in our state. Can you call your the Senate Rules Committee and Senate leadership and ask them to publicly opposed SB 168?  

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Suggested call message

"Hello, my name is _________. I am calling to ask Senator _____ to oppose Senate Bill 168. SB 168 would be devastating for all Floridians. It would tear families apart by forcing local law enforcement officers to carry out ICE's unjust and inhumane immigration policies that local law enforcement is not currently required by law to implement. It would further weaken trust in law enforcement by encouraging racial and ethnic profiling. It would endanger communities by discouraging victims and witnesses from reporting crime. And, waste taxpayer money by forcing local cops to do ICE’s job at taxpayer expense. Please tell Senator _______ to stand with Florida’s immigrant community and publicly oppose SB 168."

Tell Senate Rules Committee members who have not publicly opposed the bill to stand up for all Floridians.

  • State Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto -  (850) 487-5027          
  • State Senator Rob Bradley -  (850) 487-5005
  • State Senator Jeff Brandes -  (850) 487-5024         
  • State Senator Travis  Hutson -  (850) 487-5007 
  • State Senator Tom Lee -  (850) 487-5020   
  • State Senator Kathleen Passidomo -  (850) 487-5028      
  • State Senator David  Simmons -  (850) 487-5009   
  • State Senator Wilton Simpson -  (850) 487-5010
  • State Senator Kelli Stargel -  (850) 487-5022      

Florida Senate Leadership

  • Senate President Bill Galvano - (850) 487-5021

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