This is urgent: As currently written, Senate Bill 7086 and House Bill 7089 will restrict the voting rights returning citizens gained after Amendment 4 went into effect in Florida. On Tuesday, April 23, the Senate Rules Committee will hear and vote on SB 7086. Call now and urge the committee members who have not publicly opposed SB 7086 to vote No. 

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Hi, my name is _________ and I’m calling to urge State Senator _______ to oppose SB 7086 as it's currently written. 1.4 million people throughout Florida just had their voting rights restored by Amendment 4. This bill will exclude many of those new voters because they owe civil debts that were not a part of their criminal sentence. This was not the will of Florida voters when they overwhelmingly passed Amendment 4. As voting rights are under attack all across our country, we need to protect voting rights in Florida. Please ask State Senator _______  to support voting rights and the will of Florida voters and oppose SB 7086 as currently written.

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