Statewide Voting Rights Organizer





Sam Delgado joined the ACLU team in January 2020 as Statewide Voting Rights Organizer. In this role, he mobilizes and builds our network of dedicated activists to become a critical part of the work we do to defend our Constitution. Sam has been involved in a variety of electoral campaigns, local, congressional, and presidential, and has a strong history of advocacy work that has focused on civic engagement, immigrant rights, and language accessibility.  

He is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida in Orlando, where Sam did research on the Puerto Rican debt crisis and he came to recognize that Central Florida was one of the epicenters of the new wave of migration from the island to the mainland. This inspired Sam to seek out ways to make accessible critical resources in Florida to the new wave of stateside Puerto Ricans, which led him to work with regional civic organizations engaged with Latinx and immigrant communities.  

As the Trump administration began ramping up attacks on immigrant communities, Sam’s focus broadened into advocacy for immigrant communities. He was highly involved in much of the grassroots immigrants’ right work in Orlando and Tampa from 2017 through 2018.  

He was also heavily involved in the grassroots outreach campaigns to mobilize activists to talk to voters about Florida’s Amendment 4 in the 2018 elections. This work furthered Sam’s passion for ensuring the fair representation of all people in the election process. Securing the right to vote inspires Sam to help communities throughout our state to become directly involved in ensuring that their voices are heard.